A Little More History…Learning About Cloth Diapers


A post from my older blog from January 28, 2012

We actually went to a diaper class this morning. It was at Diaper Junction’s  location and WOW! I feel so much better actually seeing/feeling/and trying them on dolls. Plus, we got real mom and dad critiques on each diaper, plus care (like how often to wash- and how to spray poop off…LOL) and the amount of diapers we would need at different stages of life…This was so helpful, because in all honesty, all the info online was so overwhelming and crazy….

So for newborn we are thinking of going with pre-fold and flats with outer shells (cute designs). They handle breast milk poop well. Plus if we are just at home, I can fold the pre-folds and not even use a shell.  The woman also said that a newborn normally doesn’t fit into the AI2’s even though they have that small size. She said within 2-4 weeks they will. Plus the pre-folds are a great back up if the power goes out. Also, they are similar to the classic diapers, you know just the white with the clothes pin (now they have snappies).

I’m very interested in the AI2’s because they seem to be the easiest to maintain and care for drying time and reusability of the shells (Those pocket diapers kind of freak me out… LOL, and the all in ones take forever to dry). Plus, if they need extra absorbency, I can use the previous pre-folds and add them in there. Great to use for overnight.

We asked what brands she would recommend and she recommended the Grovia AI2’s (because they sit higher for a boy), flip (but criticized the lack of elastic on back flap, since inserts don’t snap in), and their brand Diaper rite (similar to flip, but the back flap has elastic to hold the insert better). Luckily, they have a 30 day test drive available on all those, so we can try them (since all babies are different and I don’t want to commit to a type-particularly if they don’t fit-because they are an investment to start off). She also said that those pre-folds and shells can grow with baby too. Good to know in case the other two don’t work.

Also, the place has all natural diaper rash/prep for babies bottom. I’m also going to go with reusable wipes as well. The stuff about disposable wipes kind of freaked me out…they are actually bad for babies bottom. She gave us tips on how to prep the reusable wipes warm, and clean. They have all the things that I will need for breast feeding (pads, creams, and ice/warm packs). Of course they have the special detergent too.

She told us about the biodegradable inserts (awesome for our long car trips to NY). Plus, I can put them in my compost pile if I cut the elastic out (That’s another of my goals this summer-compost). Then she went into the diaper pail and wet bags (carry around with you when out of home for dirty diapers-they hold smell well).

Overall it was a great experience. I can’t wait to start! I think it’s going to be one of the best choices for baby boy.  Even the potty training a whole year earlier and the money savings is awesome enough :o).

Shout out to http://www.diaperjunction.com and they have the actual place I can go to talk to a human being… but if I order online I get store credit… So the key there is to go into the “store” shop/ask questions, then order online :o)

*This post was written before Diaper Junction closed storefront. You are still able to go ask questions during business hours. There is no register on premises, so you must order online. It’s beneficial though, you get double points if you pick up your order! Their website again is http://www.diaperjunction.com

**Disclosure  This is a self-sponsored review.  Diaper Junction did not ask me to mention them. 

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