Boobs…What’s the Big Deal?



I stumbled upon this on my facebook timeline and it made me think…Ok, I know, this is a hot topic! That’s what I don’t get…why?!

Society questions their purpose by asking us what is their real purpose? Are they there to sell things, play with or feed a baby?… The answer is obvious, Duh?! They are there for all of this.

Now, I know some of you may think “How can she say that? Used to sell things? Can you say objectifying women?” Or “To play with? Is this lady on something?” Or “To feed a baby?! Finally another person who get it?” I don’t know, maybe none of you are thinking this and agree with me! That would be great!

My biggest beef with this is as to why society can’t grasp all three as acceptable. For example:

1)It’s totally ok to walk down the street and see half dressed women in lingerie, boobs popping out (of course no nip), even topless with side boob selling jeans and commercials on TV with scantily dressed women eating fast food burgers! The boobs and sex appeal of women sell those bras, jeans, and burgers!

2)Those of us who have boobs, you know sometimes you may just grab them, especially after taking your bra off after a long day…I know you know that feeling! Then, we all have a sex life…doesn’t matter if it’s with a man, woman, or ourselves… The boobs are a factor in four play and more…

3) Nature deemed humans as mammals. Mammals (minus the egg laying bunch of mammals) make milk and nurse their young. Let me say that again… Mammals make milk and nurse their young… So there is their real purpose. Now remember I didn’t say only purpose.

I get that there is always going to be differing opinions amongst peoples, but the majority of peoples have accepted 1 and 2. Most have also accepted number 3, but there is still a stigma…Some people freak out when a mother is nursing her baby without a cover. They find it “disturbing” or “disgusting”, and it should only be done in “private”.

You see all the breastfeeding in public stories, some are showing breastfeeding or the mother in a good light, while others show us as “crazy tree-huggers”… When these stories blow up on social media or the news, there are multiple reactions from many different people. You get the moms who defend the breastfeeding mother, the moms who defend-but agree that they should cover, women who are disturbed, the men who defend, the men who are disgusted, the men who say “indecent exposure”… And more. I’ve also seen the whole “I understand babies have to eat, but I don’t want to have to watch.” This response rubs me the wrong way…I’m sure most nursing mothers , including myself, aren’t asking them to watch, why can’t that person take responsibility for their own eyes and look away? This one always gets me when the breastfeeding story occurs at an establishment that serves food… I mean , “Duh?! We are all eating, why can’t baby? And why do you have to watch?… Just eat your own food and pay attention to the people at your own table!”

Another thing about people freaking out about breastfeeding is nipples. It seems people are afraid of them. Somehow when the story is in the news, everyone immediately says, “I don’t want to see nipple, it’s indecent exposure.” First, WE ALL HAVE NIPPLES! (Remeber in Meet the Fockers, when Jack says “Greg, I have nipples, could you milk me too?”). Second, the amount of boob shown varies from woman to woman, but for the most part, no more boob is exposed than what you would see if she were wearing a swimsuit.

It’s frustrating! I just wish that everyone would accept what nature planned for boobs. In my opinion, the only indecent exposure is my stretch marked saggy belly… Maybe what’s what everyone is complaining about?!😋

I have been a lucky breastfeeding momma. I haven’t had anyone say anything to me or have an issue in public. When my son was born in 2012, breastfeeding was new to me and I used a cover, when in public or if we had company over the house. When my daughter was born, 9 months ago, I attempted a cover, and then said screw it! I am so much better at it and I know I’m allowed too. I now where two shirts always. One to cover my belly, from indecent exposure😜, and the other to lift. If I feel like I’m being watched I use my hand or my shirt to cover the exposed skin. I have also become a “professional” baby-wearer-nurser!

Hopefully one day, we will see the public finally understand that boobs were put on a woman’s body to feed a baby. If she chooses to feed her child this way, then let her! Don’t make her feel like she’s doing something wrong! Just be accepting! I mean really boobs are AMAZING! Awesome to look at, fun to play with, and incredible nourishment for babes.

Till next time!

*These are my opinions and experiences. Enjoy the humor and seriousness of the topic! Enjoy! D

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