I’m a Diva!


So, Aunt Flow has made her monthly appearance. I’m so not one of the lucky ones who breastfeed’s and she doesn’t come back for a year or so. It’s like clockwork for me, 3 months after both my son and daughter’s birth…BOOM! She’s back! Oh well!

I have been trying to figure out a more eco friendly and economical way to handle my monthly needs. My eyes were opened to a non-tampon/pad world when my son was born in 2012. The cloth diaper store that I go to sells cloth pads, cloth pad laundry detergent, menstrual cups and menstrual cup wash. The idea of cloth pads caught my interest. I mean I use pads more so than tampons anyway and hey, I use cloth diapers, why not cloth pads?!

I began doing on and off research, I figured out how many I would need, and the routine of taking care of them. I felt pretty confident that I could handle it. I mean, I was washing poop every other day. At the time, I didn’t have the upfront cost…I knew that it would balance out after since I would only have to by laundry detergent after, but I just didn’t have it.

Then, I looked into menstrual cups. They were a bit more affordable for me at the time, but the idea of them kinda scared me….I’m not sure why?!

Since I didn’t buy the cloth pads and I was a little skeeved out by the cups, I kept on doing what I always did and I wasn’t happy. I would have nighttime leaks, daytime leaks, irritated skin…just not fun. Then, I got pregnant again… I didn’t need any of that stuff anymore. I placed all my research and discomfort in the back burner and enjoyed my period free life!

My daughter was born in March of 2014 and in May Aunt Flow came back. I went back to my routine of disposable pads and tampons. Mostly pads, ever since child birth, tampons don’t feel comfortable anymore. The annoying cycle began again… I would have nighttime leaks, daytime leaks, irritated skin… I got all that research off the back burner and divulged myself a little more. This time, I was over the leaks and irritated skin. In my head I’m thinking, I definitely wouldn’t have irritated skin anymore, but I might deal with the same leaking problems with the cloth pads. Since I came to this realization, I began giving the menstrual cups a chance.

Finally at 9 months postpartum, I made a decision! I decided to go with The DivaCup!I was however halfway thru my Aunt Flow visit, so I decided I would get it for my next visit.

Well, here I am, day two of my Aunt Flow visit and I’m in love! I bought The DivaCup yesterday at Whole Foods and began using it in the evening. Since I am 30, soon to be 31, and have had two vaginal deliveries, I bought the size 2.


There was a bit of adjustment, but I think the adjustment was in more in my head than down below. I realized it’s very comfortable. I basically had to get over the “gross” factor that was in my head. For some strange reason I thought it was going to be messier and scarier. However, there really isn’t anything gross or scary about it. I think that pads and tampons make it grosser and scarier.

So here’s how my first night went. I placed it before dinner and since I was aware of it and trying to see if I could feel it, I could. Once I started to eat and think of something else, I forgot it was there! Then, I took it out to shower and put it back into sleep. Making sure it wouldn’t be in there for longer than 12 hours!

That’s right 12 hours! It’s so exciting to know that I can be leak free for 12 hours! I am still getting used to it, but I’m sooooooooo happy!

The DivaCup is invigorating! It’s really a freeing feeling! Usually, when Aunt Flow comes, I feel limited with what I can do and wear. Making sure I don’t have “pad-ass” as my Mom and I fondly called it! I’m not going to lie, it is strange to not be wearing a pad, but I never want to again! This is great!

I know that this is only day 2 of 7, and I could be getting ahead of myself, but I’m pretty sure I will feel the same way on day 7 as I do right now!

The DivaCups website is amazing!
The DivaCup It is so well organized and answers every question you could possibly have! That’s why there was no doubt in my mind when I chose this menstrual cup! There also isn’t a doubt in my mind that when my daughter is of age, I will be introducing her to this!

Till next time!

**UPDATE-2/17/15** I just wanted you all to know that my opinion hasn’t changed. My second Aunt Flow visit has come and gone and it was a pleasurable experience with the DivaCup! I highly recommend that you get yourself one! I absolutely am in love! It’s almost like I’m excited for the visit just so I can use this product… I know strange right?!

*I am not affiliated with The DivaCup company. These are my opinions and experiences alone

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