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Weight Loss Rut


I have been sticking to working out, changing it up a little, a previous knee injury has made it a little tough for me to do hip hop abs… I have to take it out and reincorporate slowly, to see if that what is causing the knee pain.
I also, changed it up a bit so that way my body doesn’t get too used to it… But my scale moved up 5pounds and will NOT move…..

I have been under calories or close to everyday except Saturday and Sundays. I am working out everyday, drinking plenty of water and eating my protein. I’m kinda at a loss. I’m hoping that I can figure this out, because I got really really happy when I bought shorts that were 3, yes 3 dress sizes smaller!

I finally feel better about the way I look and feel about myself! It feels like I have my mojo/sexy/happy back! (Not that I wasn’t happy before… It’s just a different happy, a happy to be me again!)

I’m not going to give up! I can’t I need to be healthy and look healthy!  I do still see a change from last month to this month, even if scale doesn’t show it! 

Here are up to date progress photos with dates: (I forgot inches…next time!)

Update(5/29/15): since last post April 22, I have lost 0 pounds. Inches lost: arms 0, legs 0, waist .5

I am happy about the half inch in the waist, but frustrated at no loss anywhere else. 





Till next time!

New Adventure…. Soap


So, as if being a SAHM wasn’t busy enough, I decided I needed something else to do! 

I now make natural/organic soap! I even opened a etsy shop! I use all organic/natural/sustainable oils and certified therapeutic essential oils! 

Check it out:

I also have a Facebook page too:

Warm Weather


Well, I have an issue with the warm weather…. It completely prevents me from blogging… Lol

When it’s warm, we are always outside! 

I am working on getting my act together, and balancing warm weather and blogging! Please bear with me! 
Here are a few images of what outdoor activities we are doing! 

  Playing in out park, monster truck shows, strawberry picking (local organic farm), broccoli eating, walks around our neighborhood, pool time and hanging out waiting for daddy to get home! 

Till next time! 😀