Hide Your Scissors…


Yes, you read that right…Hide your scissors!

I thought mine were hidden very well…Well, I was wrong…My dear son, who’s 3, found a pair and snipped some of his hair. Inside my head,  I did a NO! NO! NO! Scream and then kind of giggled…because I did the same thing, however I was 7-8 not 3!

Luckily, it wasn’t too bad. His hair was long enough that you couldn’t even tell.  I was so happy about that fact…I love his gorgeous blonde locks…but at the same time, I was so mad…Mostly at myself for allowing him to find the scissors.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Instead of yelling at him, together we went back to the scene of the “crime” and I asked him what he did. Asked him why and if he thought it was s good idea. We talked it out and he got sad and apologized.  It was kind of sweet

Can't really see the cut

Can’t really see the cut

We moved on and he didn’t do it again! Yay! Then my husband and I went on our anniversary trip. We were gone for 18 days. I expected that there would be some adjustment in us coming home. Thankfully, my parents could stay and extra 1 and ½ days. After they left, there was a bit of adjustment… but that’s ok.

One nap, he woke up silently and found a pair of scissors which were hidden very deeply in his room.  I use them to cut tags off their new clothes. I never thought he knew where they were; well never underestimate a 3 year old. He found them and used them, on his hair…this time really bad. Not only did he cut his hair, he also spread but butter all over his room (bed, laundry basket, carpet) and pulled all our travel wipes out of the wipe container.  I was so mad, again mostly at myself since I let it happen again!

His hair was repairable by me, unless I just buzzed his whole head. I really didn’t want to do that. So we had to go get his hair cut.

2nd Time He Did It!

2nd Time He Did It!

So, now all of my scissors are in a place where he cannot find or use them unless I am present.

Remember…Hide your scissors!

Dressed up for Oktoberfest!

Dressed up for Oktoberfest!

Starting to Like his short hair.

I am Starting to Like his short hair.

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