Monthly Archives: May 2016

It’s been a While…..


Ah! Time is running away from me. I can’t believe that the last time I made a blog post(not a homeschooling one) was Easter…

SO many things have happened since Easter…

1-My daughter, who’s 2, is potty training. Almost complete!

2-I am in my third Trimester

3-My son turned 4…How?!… Well, I mean I know how, but how?!

4-Sibling rivalries have begun

5-we put a new floor in our house-took a little longer than we thought, but they look great! we had to take a break from school because our house was a mess!

6-Nothing is ready for baby 3 yet… HAHA Well, I washed clothes!..Yay Me!


Ah! The children are calling… Off to school time!


Till Next Time! 🙂