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Hi! I’m Kerry and I’m the Semi-Crunchy Stay at Home Mom! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope that you will enjoy reading my successes, struggles, and failures of being a Semi-Crunchy Stay at home Mom. I am happily married to my wonderful hubby, Casey, for 5 years! I have two children, Ethan (2) and Eva (7 Months). I also have two fur babies, Chesapeake (5) and Bayly (3), they are both fun-loving labradors. I was an elementary school teacher for 5 years, and taught second and fourth grade. I am now so blessed to be able to stay at home with my children. While being at home, I am a full-time cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby-wearer, who tries to be as natural and organic as I can be…aka a Semi-Crunchy Stay at Home Mom! Thanks Again!

It’s Been Awhile…Eeeeeep


Wow! It’s been a super long time… I can not believe that my last post is from 2016….how did almost 3 years go by me? Oh, I know….my KIDS…LOL 🙂

A lot, I mean a lot has happened over the past three years and I think it’s about time that I get this blog back up and running! Now, I will go back to the drawing board and think of where to begin and I WILL get this blog back together!

Write again soon!



Maternity Break


Well, My due date is less than a week away (july 28). So basically I could go at anytime 🙂 eeeeeep! As I sit here and write that, I am thinking “How did we get here already?”

So over the last few weeks, I have been getting super tired yet super motivated to do things… it’s truly a bad combo. you would think that I would be happy to get stuff done…however being so tired it’s super frustrating.

Because of being exhausted, I became sad that I wasn’t able to complete home school all the way up to where I wanted to end. We just ended at the farm unit and now we are on vacation. I am just not motivated to do it anymore, and I feel bad, because my son totally misses it. I do however have everything ready for me to plan next years themes and lessons. I am excited about that I am hoping to get that done right after the baby comes. I want to start back up around the end of August, and if that doesn’t happen than at least by Labor Day.

Since the summer heat has fully moved into our area, it is truly hard for me to  be outside for long periods of time. The poor kids are getting squirly… I feel so bad. I also feel like a bad mom because we have been watching a lot of TV. I really try not to watch it that much…I have been coming up the indoor games, but man they get bored with that quickly. I have also tried to get outside earlier in the morning and stay in the shade to do sidewalk chalk or let them kick a ball around, but the humidity here is terrible right now…So I have had to talk myself into realizing that this is only temporary and everyone goes through this…especially at 9 months pregnant.  

My hubby and I are now just making sure that all our loose ends (like child care, dinners, and cleaning) are all tied up before baby girl decides to make her appearance. Since I’m at ticking time-bomb stage, we are wondering if I will go early or if I will follow my normal and be late. Who knows?!

The only thing that we both know is we are super excited to meet our baby girl!

I am unsure of how long I will take a break from blogging. I mean really it’s been a few weeks already… I really need to get better at this!

I will let everyone know when the baby arrives!

Till Next Time! 🙂

PS. If I find time I will maybe do an update post!

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

I was able to squeeze in a maternity photo shoot with a friend of mine. I was so thankful that it worked out, and she was able to take the photos.

We went to a local state park that happens to be on the Chesapeake Bay and get some great shots of everyone!

To eliminate stress of having small children pose for pictures, I decided to select a bunch of poses that didn’t matter if the kids had it together or not. Of course we attempted posed ones too, but those were a lot harder than the ones where the kids could be kids. This strategy saved our photographer, husband and myself from getting frustrated.

Here are a few shots:

It’s been a While…..


Ah! Time is running away from me. I can’t believe that the last time I made a blog post(not a homeschooling one) was Easter…

SO many things have happened since Easter…

1-My daughter, who’s 2, is potty training. Almost complete!

2-I am in my third Trimester

3-My son turned 4…How?!… Well, I mean I know how, but how?!

4-Sibling rivalries have begun

5-we put a new floor in our house-took a little longer than we thought, but they look great! we had to take a break from school because our house was a mess!

6-Nothing is ready for baby 3 yet… HAHA Well, I washed clothes!..Yay Me!


Ah! The children are calling… Off to school time!


Till Next Time! 🙂





Big Announcement!


I am SUPER excited to announce that….

I am PREGNANT with baby number 3!!!!

   We dressed in our New York Rangers gear!  To make the announcement that our tie breaker is due in July! 

I wish that I had a video recording when we told our kids. Our oldest is so excited to be a big brother again! 

We showed him the sonogram and asked him if he knew what it was? He said”a moon?!” Well kind of but it has a head, a belly,  and arms…”Me, that’s me!” No, we told him there was a baby in my belly! 

His face lit up and he dove and hugged my husband, then me and then hugged his little sister! He then kissed my belly and said “don’t worry baby, you are safe in there and I love you!” My mommy heart exploded with love! My daughter was just pointing at my belly saying “baby, baby, baby”. 

It was an amazing moment!!!! 

Till next time! 

Ich lerne Deutsch zu sprechen. (I am learning to speak German)


So I decided to add one more thing to my plate! Actually, I have been wanting to do this for a very loooooooong time. When I was accepted to my high school, in 1998, I had to pick a foreign language, German was one of them. However, my parents talked me out of it since it’s not that popular and since I wanted to be a teacher, my dad said “Spanish may be more helpful”. So i picked Spanish instead. I regretted it ever since.

Then in 2010, my husband and I went to Germany for our honeymoon. Listening to the native Germans speak was amazing!My husband and I would try to say a few things, but felt so uncomfortable saying them, we were so thankful that the Germans know English! I told my husband, I want to learn as soon as we get home, “I am going to buy Rosetta Stone.” He chuckled at me…but agreed. Well, I didn’t buy it when I got home and life kept trucking on. Still, it was in the back of my mind, that I would learn one day!

In September of 2015, we went back to Germany for our Second Honeymoon which was to celebrate our 5 years of marriage in the 6th year. The learning the German language came right back to the front burner of thought. unfortunately, between planning the trip, kids, life, and anything else, I didn’t have time to purchase or learn.

So, Christmas 2015 comes around. My hubby asks what i want, and I say “Rosetta Stone German.”

BOOM! Christmas came and what was under the tree for me? “Rosetta Stone German” Ahhhh! I was so happy!

I began the lessons on January 4, 2016. The recommended amount of time to devote yourself to the program is 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I have been doing 5 days a week 30-45. I am on Level 1 Lesson 4.

I am really enjoying it and gaining the confidence in me saying it. I look forward to doing it everyday during the kids nap time!

Well, I am actually on my way to begin today’s lesson!

Till Next time! 🙂


*I am no way affiliated with Rosetta Stone. My family purchased the program and I am loving it!

Happy New Year!…Yup! 2 Weeks Late!

Happy New Year!…Yup! 2 Weeks Late!

Happy 2016!!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while…I have been super busy! Between School, Holidays, and just fun family time, I haven’t had much time to actually sit in front of the computer to blog. I know you may be thinking “Well why not just use the WordPress app?” Well, I do, only for uploading pics (Since they are right on my phone). However typing on there is kind of annoying… Sometimes it is just really nice to sit at a computer and have time to type… I mean I did have to Pass typing class in High School with the annoying beeping software… I might as well use my skills…HAHA!

So far 2016 looks bright and many things are in store for my little family!

Hope the year is treating you alright so far! One of my Resolutions was to make sure You’ll be seeing more from me, I promise!


Till Next Time!

Late Night Jammin! 


Sometimes it is hard to did. The time to get stuff done… Especially when there is a mid-season finale to watch too, The Walking Dead!  
So in between the episode and The Talking Dead, my husband and I decided to can some jelly. 
Over the summer, we picked about 20 pounds of fresh local organic strawberries. We love strawberries!  We had about 5 in the freezer. 

We defrosted them, got organic sugar, and pectin and grabbed our jars off the shelves.

 We measured out 6 cups of strawberry meat and slightly blended them in our vitamix. We left some chunks of fruit for the jam!   

As we heated up the strawberries in a pot, we sanitized the jars (boil for 10 minutes). Kids were added after roaring boil was done. 

The strawberry meat was mixed with 1/4 c of organic sugar, 6 tablespoons of pectin and 1/4 c of lemon juice. We brought that to a boil, which couldn’t be stirred away and then added 4 and 3/4 cups of sugar. Brought that to a boil and the began to fill the sanitized jars. 


Once jars are full, you put the lids on and make sure tighten the screw top lid. 

Then you place back in pot of boiling water for 3 minutes to sanitize. 


Once that’s completed you can take them out and allow to come to room temperature. You may here kids pop, that’s ok, that’s just the jars sealing! 

It takes about and hour and half to complete! 

We love making it and can’t wait to pick more fruit this summer to make more! 
Till next time! 😀