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Weight Loss Rut


I have been sticking to working out, changing it up a little, a previous knee injury has made it a little tough for me to do hip hop abs… I have to take it out and reincorporate slowly, to see if that what is causing the knee pain.
I also, changed it up a bit so that way my body doesn’t get too used to it… But my scale moved up 5pounds and will NOT move…..

I have been under calories or close to everyday except Saturday and Sundays. I am working out everyday, drinking plenty of water and eating my protein. I’m kinda at a loss. I’m hoping that I can figure this out, because I got really really happy when I bought shorts that were 3, yes 3 dress sizes smaller!

I finally feel better about the way I look and feel about myself! It feels like I have my mojo/sexy/happy back! (Not that I wasn’t happy before… It’s just a different happy, a happy to be me again!)

I’m not going to give up! I can’t I need to be healthy and look healthy!  I do still see a change from last month to this month, even if scale doesn’t show it! 

Here are up to date progress photos with dates: (I forgot inches…next time!)

Update(5/29/15): since last post April 22, I have lost 0 pounds. Inches lost: arms 0, legs 0, waist .5

I am happy about the half inch in the waist, but frustrated at no loss anywhere else. 





Till next time!

Exercise Progress


So, I am happy to report that since January 12, 2015, I am still going strong on my workout regimen and monitoring my calorie intake.

Since January 12th, I have been using the myfitnesspal app. This app is great for multiple things. It helps track your calories with a awesome database (or you can add your own if you can’t find the info), great way to track your exercise, water intake, weight. I love it!

In February, I got a FitBit Charge HR. I quickly fell in love and became obsessed with meeting my step goal daily! Plus, if your friends have one, you can “compete” with them! I also really like how it tracks my sleep. 
Here are my progress photos:

Each picture has three photos. 

Picture 1-January 26

Picture 2-March 9

Picture 3-April 11

I think the back picture shows most progress. Followed by face photo. 


Total pounds lost: 22.5

Inches lost: arms 1 , waist 2.5 , legs 1.5 . 

 I’m gonna keep on going! Will update later on! 

Till next time!

*I am not associated with Fitbit or myfitnesspal! I just love their apps!

Natural Beauty 


I so want to have vegan, organic, and animal cruelty and paraben free, etc makeup and face wash. 

However, I am having a hard time with the prices. I know that they are better and healthier for me, but I also want to make sure I’m not breaking the bank. I WISH, like really wish I could just go to the store and buy all the makeup and face care items I want; but then I wake and realize this is real life… Haha! 

I am however making better decisions when my “bad” items run out. I am replacing them with new. I have also come to the realization that my makeup lasts FOREVER… I do not wear it as often as I used too, staying home. Which for real is real natural beauty.. Haha! 

Pretty much my everyday look!

But my face & body wash, and lotions go a lot faster! Those are the things I use everyday… Or every other… Haha! Depending on if I can squeeze in a shower… 😛

So here is what I have been able to replace:

Love this face wash! even my husband likes it, because it isnt girly smelling.

Here is my face lotion and toner,. same company as face wash! when i made the switch iI did breakout a bit(but thats common for me-especially when switching to new)


Toothpaste. i had been reading some bad things about glycerin and floride, so i wanted to find alternatives. im not sure im completly settled on this one, but its not bad.


I love this for my crows feet. I feel like it works. I just have to remeber to put it on !


Oh! What don’t I use this for?! Haha! Coconut oil is great! I use it EVERYDAY! This is my hair gel, deep conditioning and hair growth routine. LOVE LOVE LOVE COCONUT OIL!


Another eye cream. I use this on occasion., im not sure how I feel about it.


LOVE THIS! Best shaving gel! smells good!


Of course i use my doTERRA oils to make my own concotions. (i sell)

These are most of the items I have changed too over time. I’m sure there are more in my house and of course there are other items not pictured that I tried and just stopped using. but I can’t think right now… Haha! Plus, the kiddies are now calling for me! 

I just keep reminding myself “don’t buy the same chemical laced product when it runs out, buy a vegan, organic, and animal cruelty and paraben free, etc product to replace! 

I want to talk about a clay mask I use too! Next post! 

Till next time! 😄

*i am in no way associated with any company or product mentioned in post except doTERRA. I am an independent wellness advocate. 

I Went Primal!


Sweat! I know, not the most glamorous thing to talk about, but we all do it! Even though in high school someone tried to tell me “Boys sweat, girls perspire!” I laughed it off and in my head thought “yeah, right! I sweat… A lot actually.”

Years down the road…

I happen to be a heavy sweater. However, I wasn’t always a heavy sweater…I think it happened when I moved to a warmer climate. I was struggling to find a deodorant that actually worked. I would use Secret, Dove, or Degree.when one stopped working for me, I would change it up, be good for a bit and then I would have to switch. I began to get really tired of this cycle. Then I fell for the “prescription strength” throw your wallet in the door deodorants from this brands. I decided that I wasn’t going to go broke buying deodorant. One day I went to the deodorant aisle and looked at their ingredients. Turns out, the clinical strength only had one…ONE percent more of the antiperspirant than the regular deodorant….Oh! I was mad!

I needed to do something. Around this same time, a Whole Foods opened in my neighborhood. I went to the whole body section and began to look at their natural deodorant section. I tried a couple…none of them worked, and one of them I has a reaction too…that was not fun! So, I sadly went back to my routine…

Two years pass…about three weeks ago, I heard about Primal Pit Paste! At first I was a little hesitant to try since I had a bad reaction to one of the other natural deodorants. So, I took the time to research the company and product. The information on their site it great! It really helped answer all the questions I had. I also love love love that it is free of aluminum (means no yellowing of your shirts pits) and parabens. I also love that most of the ingredients are organic and it contains essential oils.

Their deodorant comes in two forms. The first form is a paste. To apply the paste, you use your fingers. The second form is a stick. This is easier to take to the gym or travel with. Also, if you don’t want to touch the deodorant.


So, three weeks ago, I purchased the lavender scented stick at my local Whole Foods. I was so excited…a little nervous, but excited! Thank goodness I read all the FAQs…

“Pit Detox- After years of wearing conventional chemical and aluminum laden deodorants it is possible to need to detox your pits from this build up.” – excerpt taken from

Luckily, I had no irritation from the baking soda, I was able to shave without a problem, and I understood that the stick could melt. Being a cloth diaperer it’s the same as my daughter’s butt butter.

When I purchased this new deodorant, I just began my workout routine, it was perfect because, Primal Pit Paste recommends that you sweat. Honestly, I never knew how bad I could smell. All I thought about was, “Yes, I am ridding my body of these nasty chemicals!!”

My deodorant routine:
Day 1- put on in morning
Shower after workout, put on in evening.
Day 2- go about my day, workout, shower, put on. (Repeat)

This is all I have done for the last three weeks. This deodorant is the best deodorant I have ever used! It totally withstands my sweatiest workouts, handles my stress, and any nervous situations. I’m in love with it!

Oh, this might be strange, but I have noticed that my pit hair, when it grows back, is growing back smoother and softer.

I highly recommend this product! I am working on getting my husband and my good friends to to turn primal!

For more information about Primal Pit Paste and their many other products (that I am excited to try) please visit their website at:

*I am not affiliated with Primal Pit Paste, the opinions in above post are mine and mine alone, but I highly recommend you try the stuff!

Working Out SAHM Style


This one has been a tough one for me to get a grasp on. I unfortunately, was putting excercise off, I’m not exactly sure why?! I know that when I do it I feel better about myself, sleep better and have more energy (surprisingly since I just worked my booty off)…

I got into a workout routine about 4 months ago and yeah, that lasted about a month, if that. I would wake up when my husband woke for work, nurse baby, she’d fall asleep and then I would workout. So then it started to not work. For some reason I began making excuses for myself and not doing it.

It was kind of easy to make excuses that my husband and even myself began to believe, especially since Eva wasn’t sleeping well. From birth to about 2 weeks ago (she’s almost 11 months old), she was still sleeping in our room (I think as a result of my fear of her waking Ethan, I didn’t want to move her into their room until I knew she slept thru the night) she would fluctuate sleeping a wide range anywhere from 7, 5,2,4,7,2,3,1 hours at a time. Some nights were torture as you can see.

Then one day we were getting ready to go out somewhere and I pulled out a pair of my favorite jeans, which I hadn’t worn since before Eva was born. I was like, “Oh I will so wear these!” And boom, they don’t fit. I felt like I looked like a stuffed sausage. My first reaction was being frustrated. Frustrated they didn’t fit and frustrated I let them not fit. Then I felt depressed. How did I do this to myself? Why did I let it go on this long? I know when I had my son I was back in regular pants a lot sooner. Then I got upset and challenged myself.

I spoke to myself in the third person, “Kerry, you are still wearing maternity pants!!! Yoga pants don’t count as regular pants! You need to get your act together! Start making healthier food choices and start moving!”

This was around the beginning of December, which meant we were going to be leaving for our family Christmas vacation. This also meant that our diets wouldn’t be that great…while on the vacation I was talking to friends about making changes and we decided to partake in a “couples biggest loser” competition.

I think that this was the fire I needed lit under my hiney! We began the competition on January 12. We weighed in and blah… I am the second heaviest person out of the 6 of us. When I saw the numbers, I kinda wanted to cry, but then I told myself “No. Make it motivation!” So, here I am a little over 2 weeks in and I’m doing/feeling great!

My first priority was setting up my work out space. It is a shared space with my sons “classroom” or as he calls it his school. I moved a TV and cable out to the room, purchased a DVD player (both of which can be used for school stuff too), and put all my “gym” equipment in one place. I began working out slowly. I began with a nice warmup and stretches, jumping jacks, 10 minutes a day on my elliptical, light weights for my arms, then crunches and planks. I did this for a week, 5 days. Took the weekend off and then got sick, some kind of virus with a sore throat, wiped me and my appetite out. Pretty much all I ate was smoothies and milkshakes. I had absolutely no energy to work out. I started to get nervous about my focus and determination, but then I thought about the new me and the prize at the end!

While I was resting on the couch, I decided to purchase two DVD workouts Hip Hop Abs and a set of Yoga(for flexibility, weight loss and relaxation). This is the first week of beginning a new routine! I have to say I am in love with the Hip Hop Abs, it’s so nice to have the program laid out for me. Plus, I love dancing (I danced from 3 to 19yo). It has a workout chart that tells you what to do everyday. The first day I did it, I burnt over 1200 calories! (I am eating and drinking correct calories for breastfeeding, I have a huge fear of losing my milk, I just know I have to make changes). The yoga DVDs are really helping my balance and flexibility. I somewhere lost a lot of my flexibility over the years, I used to be able to drop a split no questions asked. I am very happy with my purchases! I’ll keep everyone posted about my progress with the DVDs and my physical changes!

One of the hardest things about working out as a SAHM is finding the time to work out. Really from the moment I wake up I am doing something for myself, the house, or possibly entertaining an early awoken baby. Once the kids are awake, my focus is mainly on them trying to squeeze in some laundry and cleaning. So on a regular day there are diaper changes, breakfast, school time, snack time, nursing in between all this, lunch, then naptime! The key word-Naptime!

Some days I get really lucky and both, YES, both babies are sleeping at the same time! When it does happen, it’s amazing! There are so many things I can get done. Now that I have decided to make excercise an important part of my day, this double nap time is the perfect opportunity. However, some days I don’t get lucky.

Sometimes Eva falls asleep a little sooner than Ethan or she may not nap at all. The first time that this happened, while I was trying to work out, I got frustrated and gave up on working out for that day. The next day, it was playing out the same way, one napping, one not. I thought about it and said “Kerry, you’re making excuses… You need to work out!” This is where I had to grab the bull by the horns and bring the kid(s) out to the workout/school room and they can play, while I work out.

Now, this was an experience. My 2 1/2 year old was a non-issue. He would just play with the toys, puzzles, and learning stations. Eva on the other hand wants to crawl to me, crawl on me, and be held. I found that it is much easier to bring the excersaucer out in the room. She can be happy in there for a bit. It also helps that she can see me. If she gets super fussy, I have to stop and nurse her…

I really REALLY try to get my workout in while Eva is sleeping, it is much easier to keep my son occupied and he understands to stay on his side of the room.

This week I got my routine on lockdown! It still needs a little work, but I’m getting there and today I had to totally move it all around, but I still got it in! That’s the important thing! I am super motivated and proud of myself!

It may be tricky to find the time to get a workout in there or you may feel like you’re too exhausted too! Squeeze it in there! Trust me, it’s worth it! You’re worth it!

While writing this, I am hoping if there is someone who is in the same rut I was in, they can read my
Story and get motivated to make positive changes too!

Here are pics of my workout/school room:



Till next time!

*I am in no way affiliated with Hip Hop Abs or Beach Body. I just love their workout DVD!

I’m a Diva!


So, Aunt Flow has made her monthly appearance. I’m so not one of the lucky ones who breastfeed’s and she doesn’t come back for a year or so. It’s like clockwork for me, 3 months after both my son and daughter’s birth…BOOM! She’s back! Oh well!

I have been trying to figure out a more eco friendly and economical way to handle my monthly needs. My eyes were opened to a non-tampon/pad world when my son was born in 2012. The cloth diaper store that I go to sells cloth pads, cloth pad laundry detergent, menstrual cups and menstrual cup wash. The idea of cloth pads caught my interest. I mean I use pads more so than tampons anyway and hey, I use cloth diapers, why not cloth pads?!

I began doing on and off research, I figured out how many I would need, and the routine of taking care of them. I felt pretty confident that I could handle it. I mean, I was washing poop every other day. At the time, I didn’t have the upfront cost…I knew that it would balance out after since I would only have to by laundry detergent after, but I just didn’t have it.

Then, I looked into menstrual cups. They were a bit more affordable for me at the time, but the idea of them kinda scared me….I’m not sure why?!

Since I didn’t buy the cloth pads and I was a little skeeved out by the cups, I kept on doing what I always did and I wasn’t happy. I would have nighttime leaks, daytime leaks, irritated skin…just not fun. Then, I got pregnant again… I didn’t need any of that stuff anymore. I placed all my research and discomfort in the back burner and enjoyed my period free life!

My daughter was born in March of 2014 and in May Aunt Flow came back. I went back to my routine of disposable pads and tampons. Mostly pads, ever since child birth, tampons don’t feel comfortable anymore. The annoying cycle began again… I would have nighttime leaks, daytime leaks, irritated skin… I got all that research off the back burner and divulged myself a little more. This time, I was over the leaks and irritated skin. In my head I’m thinking, I definitely wouldn’t have irritated skin anymore, but I might deal with the same leaking problems with the cloth pads. Since I came to this realization, I began giving the menstrual cups a chance.

Finally at 9 months postpartum, I made a decision! I decided to go with The DivaCup!I was however halfway thru my Aunt Flow visit, so I decided I would get it for my next visit.

Well, here I am, day two of my Aunt Flow visit and I’m in love! I bought The DivaCup yesterday at Whole Foods and began using it in the evening. Since I am 30, soon to be 31, and have had two vaginal deliveries, I bought the size 2.


There was a bit of adjustment, but I think the adjustment was in more in my head than down below. I realized it’s very comfortable. I basically had to get over the “gross” factor that was in my head. For some strange reason I thought it was going to be messier and scarier. However, there really isn’t anything gross or scary about it. I think that pads and tampons make it grosser and scarier.

So here’s how my first night went. I placed it before dinner and since I was aware of it and trying to see if I could feel it, I could. Once I started to eat and think of something else, I forgot it was there! Then, I took it out to shower and put it back into sleep. Making sure it wouldn’t be in there for longer than 12 hours!

That’s right 12 hours! It’s so exciting to know that I can be leak free for 12 hours! I am still getting used to it, but I’m sooooooooo happy!

The DivaCup is invigorating! It’s really a freeing feeling! Usually, when Aunt Flow comes, I feel limited with what I can do and wear. Making sure I don’t have “pad-ass” as my Mom and I fondly called it! I’m not going to lie, it is strange to not be wearing a pad, but I never want to again! This is great!

I know that this is only day 2 of 7, and I could be getting ahead of myself, but I’m pretty sure I will feel the same way on day 7 as I do right now!

The DivaCups website is amazing!
The DivaCup It is so well organized and answers every question you could possibly have! That’s why there was no doubt in my mind when I chose this menstrual cup! There also isn’t a doubt in my mind that when my daughter is of age, I will be introducing her to this!

Till next time!

**UPDATE-2/17/15** I just wanted you all to know that my opinion hasn’t changed. My second Aunt Flow visit has come and gone and it was a pleasurable experience with the DivaCup! I highly recommend that you get yourself one! I absolutely am in love! It’s almost like I’m excited for the visit just so I can use this product… I know strange right?!

*I am not affiliated with The DivaCup company. These are my opinions and experiences alone