Holiday Theme weeks are sometimes difficult to complete. Especially when you plan on traveling to family that is 8 hours away and when Mommy was slacking on Easter basket items…

We were able to get most of the activities completed that I had planned for the shortened week. The activities that we weren’t able to complete, I will save for a rainy day and find activities similar to for an upcoming theme week.

My son loved the Easter Bunny craft where he got to dip his feet in the paint… Totally the highlight of the day!

I was super happy when i found the carrot dot to dot. It had the lwer numbers that I knew he would be confident in connecting. He was able to do the whole thing himself. It was wonderful to see it happen!


Happy Easter to all!


Easter Theme



Alphabets of all sizes-

Shape tracers

Giant letters-

brain teaser-

Easter Packet-

Pre-k easter pack-


Easter story-

Easter mobile-