Forest Theme Week 8/31/15

This unit took one week. We had a lot of fun discussing this theme. He has a liking for the forest, we went camping this past month (We always do), but for some reason this time it really stuck with him. He loved looking for deer, squirrels, chipmunks…etc. I figured I should jump on this interest.

We started the week by talking about what a forest is….Trees, animals, plants, etc.  I found some super great activities and crafts to help me accomplish this weeks theme! I also stumbled upon a great visual tool on Netflix, Moving Art-Forest. 

Here are the images of what we did!

Oh and we even took a trip to the “hundred Acre Woods” and watched “Winnie the pooh” on Netflix!


Size Order

Cutting Practice.

He is getting better. He still needs to work on coordinating his hands, paper and scissor grip. He’s getting it though!

Counting the Number 4

Writing the #4. I have found it easier for him, if i put guides for all the numbers.

Tracing Stars

Sorting Forest Plants and Animals

Watching the Moving Art- Forests

Size order from Biggest to Smallest

Counting and bingo Daubing the correct number

Coloring by number. Matching Letters

Matching Animal Tracks.

Working on letter writing.

Creating a hedgehog using a fork.

He loved it.

Finding what is different

Finishing the pattern.

Practicing his number 4. I crossed out the way they had it and did it the other way.

Doing a good job!

Matching Colors.

Adam and Eve





D is for Dove.

Practicing his pre-writing skills.

he did good.


 Links to where I found all these lovely craft ideas and Worksheets. I am so thankful that i was able to find these sources! I even used some of my own ideas too! There is the teaching degree working…YAY!

D is for Dove-

Numbers practice-

Alphabets of all sizes-

Shape tracers

Giant letters-

Alphabets of all sizes-

Adam and evestory-

Adam and eve coloring pages-

Forest pack-

Woodland Pack-

Paintbrush Folder-