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Breweries and Babes


I love craft brew!

Sometimes it’s funny when I think about me saying that! When I first began drinking alcohol, it was always fruity liquor drinks… At the time I always thought beer was gross… Boy oh boy have times changed. Craft beer is AMAZING!!!!! When we do go out now, I always pick a craft beer.

Another cool thing is that craft brew is almost like wine nowadays…There are many different varieties, styles, and you can pair with the perfect dish!

Rewind a few years…Before children were even in the picture for us, like still dating, the hubs and myself were faithful attendees of a brewery in NY. I always noticed the family atmosphere… The head brewer always brought his kids and so did many other attendees! I always thought that was so cool.

Fast forward a few years… We now are married on our honeymoon in Europe and we find a bunch of breweries! Breweries, where we live were few and far between because of strict alcohol laws…Technically we have no bars, because they all need to serve food, all pubs. So, for breweries that are just trying to start, now they have to worry about serving food for people to drink their beer…it was kinda crazy! We missed hanging out in the atmosphere!

Fast forward a few more years…Thank goodness some lawmaker woke up and decided to change the laws that breweries could serve pints without serving food. Now, breweries by us are popping up like hot cakes and it’s amazing! They too are all kid friendly and have a family atmosphere!

Now, we that we have kids, we are the ones bringing them with us. We don’t feel awkward, get stared at, or have people talking under their breath about us…(had that happen when we went to an outdoor concert and it was 8:00pm and my hubs and myself got a drink in the bar at the bar across from the concert).

When our family goes to different places, say on a family trip or a work trip we are all able to go on, we look for breweries and your the town that way. Along with zoos, aquariums, and parks… It’s amazing how things have changed 🙂 In a excellent way of course!

Breweries are a really nice place for all of us to hang and almost feel like mommy and daddy went out!

One of the breweries by us as a play area inside( has a picnic table, chalk board, coloring supplies and a few toys) and whenever that have an event … There is always a bounce house!

I have come to the conclusion that many Brewers opened their business, not only to enjoy quality beer and get away from corporate beer, but to have a place to hang out with their family. Especially, since kids in a bar have a stigma. I can’t thank them enough for giving us a place to hang too!

My husband and I have only run into one brewery (Southern Florida) that was kid friendly, but had a lot of rules… And felt not kid friendly when they were shoving us out the door… (Said last call for us at 5:30pm- cool ordered our last round, closed our tab, were finishing drinks and the bartender/manager came up to us three times to tell us about 6pm…the last time my husband had a sip left… We were like really?! We read the signs, listened to your last call, and we’re finishing up…super frustrating-especially since the kids were acting like angels, playing with other people there, and I swear not even making peeps…I feel like if they were being cranky and whiny and crying than the constant reminders would be ok… But they weren’t and we were doing what we were supposed too…) Here is a picture of the actual “Children’s Policy”

IMG_1516.JPG The part that is blocked by flash says “Minors are allowed in the brewery taproom until 6 PM. After 6PM you must be 21 and up to be in the taproom. No exceptions. This includes infants, babies, children and teens.” Their rules confuse me too, because they seem so strict and then they have humor as the last rule… That’s why I felt kid friendly/not friendly… I am also trying to figure out if it is their states alcohol laws that make them do that or if it’s their own policy, about the 6PM curfew.

Make sure you check state alcohol laws regarding minors… In Seattle, WA, there were restaurant looking establishments where minors couldn’t go… We had to call every place we went to before hand to check…Every state is different!

*These are my opinions. I am not affiliated with any brewery. I condone responsible drinking and most importantly with your children (no drinking and driving…etc). Make sure you double check laws near you.