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Disney World

Disney World

We just took our first trip to Disney World. I am not even sure you can call it a trip…it was literally one day! I know, crazy right?!

My husband had a work trip down south, in Georgia, so we figured it would be a great time to make a stop at Disney World (DW). Our son has been asking to go for a while now, Thank you Disney junior for the ads you show! He really likes the cruise ads, and so do we…

So, my husband left for the work trip on Monday. I then left with the two kiddies on Wednesday. The trip, according to Google, was to take 8 Hours and 58 minutes. Well, with two children and driving alone, it took 10 Hours. I was super proud of myself and super impressed!

Thursday was a lovely day to just relax in Amelia Island, Florida! It rained, so it made it easy to relax. I really would have liked to walk around a bit in town there, it was really cute!



Leaving for Disney World

Thursday afternoon, we were on our way to Orlando. We were able to make a pit stop at our friend’s house. They just moved from our area down to Jacksonville! It was great to catch up with them and give us a break out of the car. After dinner and catching up, we were on our way again. We arrived at the Old Key West resort at 11:45PM…

Stopped at Whole Foods on the way to grab some grub!

Street Art in Jacksonville


Ethan is a good Photographer

Walking towards the beach


More Street Art

Beach Selfie


Walking back to our car

It was a little painful for the kiddies. Our son who is three forced himself to stay awake. Once we said we were at the resort, he said whining “This isn’t DW, I want to go to DW…DW is doomed” (very dramatic) I think he was expecting to see the castle right away. It was cute, but sad too… Our daughter who is 20 months old, slept the trip down, so when we moved from the car to the hotel room, she was awake, and I mean AWAKE!
Needless to say, a little melatonin was given, and their air mattresses were set up. Ethan passed out at about 12:30AM and Eva, she just wouldn’t give in…so she snuggled with me and her daddy and fell asleep around 1 AM. I didn’t even bother to move her, because honestly, I didn’t have the energy to move… LOL

Friday was Park day. We chose to go to the Magic Kingdom. There are like 3 rides our kids can’t ride, and we were ok with that. We wanted them to experience rides and characters. We really were looking forward to seeing all the Disney Junior characters, but they are in another park, and there, there aren’t that many rides they can ride.

Wake-up time was 7:30AM (parked open at 9am and we wanted to be there right then). Luckily, on our way down, we stopped and got some cereal to eat in the hotel room. The kids ate their breakfast, while mommy and daddy packed the bag for the day! Mommy and daddy squeezed in their breakfast too.

After breakfast time, it was time to get dressed. We had special shirts for our trip! My son was so excited! He really couldn’t wait to meet Mickey Mouse! Honestly, neither could mommy and daddy!

Once dressed, we made it out of the room and headed to the shuttle stop. We arrived at the park at 9:01am! We Made It! We scanned our Magic Bands, scanned our finger prints (not sure why?) and we were on our way to Main street USA!

Outfits all laid out for the Morning

Good Morning! We are here!


ready to Roll in her Jammies!

Magic Bands on and ready to go!


Making our way to the shuttle

Waiting for the Shuttle!

We walked through the gate, and made our way to see Cinderella’s castle. Once we saw the castle, Ethan knew where we were. It was priceless. I think at that moment, we were all kids.

After seeing the castle, it was off to Tomorrowland! We went and rode Buzz Light Year, the people mover, the carousel of Progress, Ethan and daddy rode the race cars (Ethan said these were his favorite), stopped for a popcorn snack and a Mickey ice pop, then we made our way to Fantasyland.

on the People Mover


He was big enough to ride along!

Fantasyland, we rode the teacups, Dumbo (which had a cool waiting area/playroom…instead of just waiting online), and It’s a small world. Then we went and switched some Fast Passes (best things ever) and went to meet Ariel! After Meeting Ariel, who my son was flirting with hardcore, it was so cute, it was lunch time. We didn’t have reservations anywhere, and we happened to be walking by Be our Guest restaurant, so we just went to ask if there was any availability. Sure enough, there was! Right then and there, we got to go inside and eat! It was great! We are still wondering how they get the correct food to the right table…as the waitress said “the magic guides them.”

Popcorn snack

Tea Cups


Dumbo waiting area!


 After lunch, we made our way to Ariel’s ride (So cool) and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride. Time was moving crazy fast while we were there. We looked at our watched and realized it was 4:00pm (Park closed at 7 for a special event). We needed to meet more characters. Well, just as we were walking past the castle, it was time for a performance from Mickey and the crew with special guests! It was great! Both of the kids were loving it!

Be Our Guest


Magic Carpet Ride

10 minutes after the show, there was a dance parade! So we got another Mickey ice pop and waited for the parade. It was great! Goofy on his float stopped right in front of us! It was a dance party parade, so we were all invited into the streets to dance! So we did!

Waiting for the Parade

After the parade, we went to meet Mickey! Meeting Mickey had a 40 minute wait time, but we sucked it up ad did it! I mean really who goes to DW and doesn’t meet Mickey?! We were as confused as to why it would take so long and then when it was our turn to meet him, we figured it out! We actually got like 5 minutes of just our family to talk, like actual conversation, with him and take pictures, it was AMAZING! Ethan and Eva gave him the biggest hugs…They were not afraid and I was so Happy!

From the Photopass! Wish I could pay for all of them! Look at that face!

When you are finished meeting Mickey, they lead you into a gift shop, which was actually perfect, because it was about time to head back to the hotel and we needed our souvenirs. Mommy got Minnie ears, Ethan got a Mickey toy and hat, Eva got a Baby Ariel with a flounder blanket.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party was the special event from 7PM-12AM (wanted to go, but the kids were done and it would have been more money), I feared that I wouldn’t get to see the castle all lit up. Guess what?! Just as we were walking out of the store, some music played and we turned the corner and boom! The castle was all lit up! It was gorgeous!


Babywearing=lifesaving in large crowds!

We snapped a few photos and made our way out of the park and headed to our shuttle pick up. Ethan had been talking about going swimming all day. So we told him we would go as soon as we got back. He was pumped. While on the shuttle ride home, he fell asleep, we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to go swimming.

 Oh, he was ready! We went down to the pool and he had a blast! He cannon balled in and just swam and swam and swam. Didn’t want to hold on, he just went! Eva followed suit. She didn’t’ want to be held either, she just went! It was great!

We had some dinner by the pool and then made our way back to the room to hit the hay! We had the most amazing day! We couldn’t believe how our kids pushed through the day! Especially Ethan with no nap, and Eva with a brief on in a Tula!

We went to bed at like 10:30PM and didn’t really set an alarm. We just knew we wanted to be on the road before lunchtime. We had a 12 hour ride ahead of us!

 As soon as we left, we wanted to go back! We have already started a piggy bank for our next trip, I think this time it might include a few more days and parks plus the cruise!



-If you can avoid a stroller, Baby wearing is amazing! Great place for a nap too. If you can’t avoid a stroller, that’s ok too, they are everywhere.

-Bring your own water bottles. I brought ours; it saved us a bunch of money.

-Next time, I am going to pack sandwiches.

-Bring snacks for the kiddies.



Till Next time!

More Teeth….


Eva is getting more teeth!…. Yay!… Maybe?!

I feel so bad for her! She is so uncomfortable! Got our teething necklace, Punkin Butt teething oil, acetaminophen (when/if necessary), and babywearing!

So far necklace, oil, and babywearing! She’s loving the Babywearing! (See below)


Till next time!

Beautiful Day in November…Botanical Gardens (YES!)


Today was a glorious day in November(Nov. 12-was typing this up last night and fell asleep)…Luckily, we were able to take advantage of it! We went to our Botanical Gardens! I was pleasantly surprised to see so much in bloom. The gardens do holiday lights that you can drive thru… It was rather funny looking at the Christmas lights going up… Just because it is so warm! I’m definitely looking forward to going back when its a little closer to Christmas to enjoy those lights….

Today another SAHM came with me… It was so nice to have adult conversation too! Her daughter is only 2 months old….So tiny, only 9 pounds or so… My children were 10.3 and 10.7 at birth… I have no idea what a 9 pound baby looks like on the outside! HA! HA! HA! Nonetheless, she is adorable. I look forward to more play dates with her and her momma! It was so nice, we packed a lunch and just caught up!

It’s amazing how life can get in the way of somethings like that…we used to see each other weekly, then at least twice a month, then once…now it’s like pulling teeth. I know that our family has had a busy past year. We really haven’t been “home”(I put home in quotes, because it stands for the house we live in…but we are home if we are all together and we have been) a lot… Since a project my husband is working on has been delayed a bit, he has been sent on some work trips. Since I’m home…We get to go with him. I have to say it’s a blessing to get to travel with our little family. We get to see fun things together, and I get to see how much I can sightsee and tour a city we are in with two babies. The most recent (August) work trip we went on was to Seattle. I did many things that i never thought I would do by myself, let alone with two kids (ferries,buses,and trams Oh My!) Thank God for Babywearing!  If it weren’t for my Ergobaby, I don’t think I would have been able to do as much as I did!

Back to the Botanical Gardens… My son loved the flowers and mostly the Children’s Garden. The children’s garden was so cool. In it there was a coloring, painting, building area and a small farm town play area! He could barely sit still to eat lunch. He just wanted to play!

As the weather man said last night “The beginning of the end.” It was 70 Degrees today…will be 10-20 degrees colder…Brrr….


IMG_1263.JPG (Top)Collage of our day! Beautiful roses, the children’s garden -Kid crafts, selling “fresh” fruit, building and constructing flowers for mommy! Over all Great Day! (Bottom) Rebozo Carry with my Didymos indio Sole Occidente!

National Holiday, Sleeping(or lack of sleep), and Aquarium


So, since it is Veteran’s Day (Thank you for your and your family’s sacrifices, without them, my family would not have the freedoms we do!), my husband had off…which is awesome! I love when he is home on random days, just to hang out and enjoy seeing the kids a little differently…So we decided on going to the Aquarium. 

My son loves the aquarium, especially the turtles and sharks. I think that our aquarium is pretty nice! It’s actually geared to the habitats around our area!  When we normally go, it would be on a weekend when it is slam packed. So, we decided to go when it opened today. Ha! That didn’t happen…Mommy and Daddy set the alarm for 8 instead of 7! Ooops! It was actually nice to sleep in a bit…Especially when you have an 8 month old, that doesn’t sleep through the night who is now lying next to you… that wasn’t the plan!

Our beautiful bouncing baby girl was “supposed” to already be in her crib for nighttime (Right now, she only naps in her crib). However, that’s not the case… just like anything in parenting, its not how you wanted/thought it to be. My son and daughter share room (His is a pirate theme-hers is mermaid and sea creatures I LOVE THEIR THEMES). She has very random sleep cycles. She goes to bed around 10-10:30pm, sometimes she’ll sleep for 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2 hours at a time… it’s never consistent. It’s a little; I’m not sure how to say it… Frustrating. I’m not frustrated at her… more at the fact that I do not sleep well. I miss sleeping, I love sleeping. Our son was the complete opposite. He started sleeping through the night the 2nd week he was born…This whole not sleeping thing is new to us.  This whole sleeping in the same room/bed (at some points…easier to nurse).

I never thought that I would be a mom with a baby sleeping in my husband and my bed. That’s not ever what we expected to do. Our son was in our bedroom for 3 months. He always slept in the pack n play next to the bed. So for our daughter we thought the same thing… out in 3 months…Well our little girl is still in the pack n play next to our bed…that is until she awakes in the middle of the night then she’s with me. I think it happened because I couldn’t keep my eyes open to feed her…We are still adjusting to this concept.  We never thought that we would have babies in the bed… our bed to us has always been a “sacred” place…only for us, no food, etc. Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s amazing what changes when you have kids! You think one thing and then you have to modify that thought, because you learn that what you once thought isn’t going to work for your family.

Well, once we all got up and out of bed it was time to get ready to go to the aquarium! It was so nice having the hubby home today! It was nice to attack the “getting ready” part with a team mate!

The aquarium has a visiting exhibit of Mr. Potato Head….It was really cute! When we got there, I wrapped little miss in a Little Frog size 4 in a Poppins Hip Carry…it just wasn’t jiving, so I changed it to a rebozo. Being that it was a size 4.. it was a little long… but I made due! I was able to feed her and have her nap peacefully! I love how much sleepydust is on wraps. 

When we got home, we all took a nice nap! Then it was time to have Organic mushroom quesadillas (whole wheat organic tortilla, organic baby portabella mushrooms, and taco seasoning) with a organic mexican spiced veggie medley. Let me talk about that medley… it had sweet potatoes, corn, onions, and peppers. the medley was amazing! The whole dish was Delish! Of course I forgot to snap a photo!

Here are some photos from our day!


Collage of our day!


This was a very fun activity filled exhibit for kids!


Stomping Puddles on the Nature walk to the second building.


Super long tail, but making the rebozo work

Another Day at the Zoo


Thank goodness for awesome grandparents! This past Christmas, they bought our little family a membership! We have thoroughly taken and are taking advantage of it!

This past friday I decided that we would take a break from “Classroom” home school. Oh yeah! I don’t know if I mentioned it in an earlier post, but I am homeschooling pre-k, and my son loves it! I’ll save all that for another day and post!

So off we went on our merry way to the zoo! My son loves, absolutely loves the zoo! He loves seeing the animals, saying all their names, making their noises at them, and walking. Mommy loves the walking too! It’s a great little workout! Plus, the walking and fresh air for my son is amazing too! Makes for a nice long nap!

THis zoo trip was a little special! My husband bought me a newwrap for our 5 year wedding anniversary! Did I mention how much I love him?!

… It was a perfect gift! It’s a Didymos Indio Sole Occidente, 100% cotton, size 3 (I posted about its arrival with a pic November 5th). It’s absolutely gorgeous! So back to why today’s zoo trip was so special…I actually did a back carry in public by myself!

I was so proud of myself! I did a re-enforced ruck. I do have to admit that I had to wrap it twice before I was completely happy…but I DID IT!!!!! 🙂

Most of the time when I back wrap, I do it at home, because I can do it over the couch or bed…I just feel safer…well on this day, I decided that I wanted to give it a try, and if it didn’t work out, I would just do a rebozo and move on! I was so happy! when I was walking through the zoo, I was walking proudly and I was waiting for someone to say something about the wrap…of course…no one said anything…

I have to give a shout out to my friend Barbara @ Trendy Babywearing! Here is her link: http://www.trendybabywearing.com


in front of the Asian Black Bears

in front of the Asian Black Bears


Yes! I did It

Yes! I did It

So proud

So proud

my little Orangutan

my little Orangutan

*I am no way affiliated with Didymos or Trendy Babywearing. These are my opinions.

Thank God for 2 Year-Olds!


This past weekend was a busy one!

My husband’s car has been acting up, so on Saturday, he and a friend decided to take it apart and put it together again! Typical engineers! This weekend was also the weekend I selected to have a neighborhood party. I am a consultant for Thirty-One…well at least trying to be one(just trying to contribute a little financial help…not working out so great)…I’m having a tough time having customers, other than my friends and family. So, I decided to have a Porch Party. Not only hoping to get new customers, but to meet some different people in my neighborhood.


I was ready and determined. My husband is a God send he helped me hand deliver 245 invitations to neighbors mailboxes. I also hung them around the neighborhood on telephone poles.

So friday night, I got my last-minute items: Balloons, light snacks-carrots, broccoli, ranch, and brownies.

I had a wonderful set up (in the pic above)…I had my iPad set up(for easy shopping/checkout-if anyone wanted to purchase) it was playing music, tables all set up. One had the bags the other  had food. I was out there ready to go! My daughter wrapped in a Storchenwiege, size 5, poppin’s hip carry, and my son ready to play. 12 noon rolled around…not a neighbor sight…

We waited and waited and waited…around 1:45pm in my head i knew no one was coming… I was sad! I felt like a failure. I was really down on myself and then my son, who’s dancing to the music and eating the brownies, looks up at me and says “Mommy, dis pawty is great!” I say back “Good, I’m glad you think so! I love you!” He again looks at me and says “I love you toooooooo!”(he carries the oo’s in too!). Meanwhile, my head was thinking its me, him and music waiting for people to show up, no one ever did…However, my heart was exploding with love.

Thank God for 2 Year Olds!


Poppin’s Hip Carry-(Borrowed Wrap from BWI of HR Chapter)


Lunch time for baby girl…still waiting for guests


Enjoying the Party!