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History Post…Doctor Visits and Breastfeeding


Taken from a blog post written July 25, 2012

So he was released from the hospital on the 16th of May and went to the doctors the very next day… this began a new adventure and challenge for mommy and baby.

Ethan was born weighing 10lb. 3oz. when he left the NICU he was 9lb 9oz. a total loss of 10oz.

The doctor did not like this weight loss, and wanted him back up to birth weight. So she said come back in 2 days. We did this for a good solid week. It was rough basically weighing him every 36 hours or so… fortunately, he was gaining each time except for one.. He stayed the same. This killed me with the time of the weighing, because I’m think… duh?1 he can pee or poop an ounce… at one visit he was 10lb. 2 oz. she still made us come back… I was like really?! He is one ounce shy…and every appointment except for one he’s been going up…oh and then we got the bill in the mail… the doctor gets a co-pay every time… grrrrrrr! Well after the whole 10lb.2 oz. we went in there the next and he was 10lb. 8 oz. I was like “Boom! How you like me now?!” (I love moments like that… lol).

Even though the doc knows I’m strictly breastfeeding, she said “it’s ok to supplement a little formula, there nothing wrong with it” I just yes’d her…in my head I’m thinking… I know you really want the measurement to know how much he’s eating….oh well not going to happen!

While this was all happening, I was trying to get him off the nipple shield. I wanted him latched on my nipple. Luckily, at the ped’s office, the lactation specialist for our hospital chain works with them. So in-between these weight check appointments, I met with a lactation specialist. She was great! She asked what my concerns were and told me not to worry us will get through this… She then said “ok, let’s try off the bat, no shield” so we did… He didn’t like that… so she said “ok, put it on and let’s see what happens” sure enough on their suckling away… so we let him eat as long as he wanted to on that side… then we went to the other. Again, she said “try with no shield”…so we did and BANG! He was on! It was an amazing feeling and I was so happy… she then gave me encouraging words and told me to keep doing that until eventually weaning him off the shield.

So when we went home, I tried without, if he needed the shield put it on then switched no shield… it took about 4 days to wean him of the shield completely! … It was a great feeling and things have been going great ever since. I have even stopped crazily timing his feedings(since I was on those missions of having him gain weight), and just let him tell me when he’s full, or hungry.

Last time we went to the Doctor June 27th he was 12lb. 8oz. and the last time I got on a scale with him last week, he was weighing in at 14… so I’m thinking 14-15 pounds now!!!! All booby milk!