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How Did You Celebrate Your 5 Year Wedding Anniversary?…I Go Camping!


So, I’m back!

This weekend’s camping trip was phenomenal! This trip is so my husband and I! It was definitely the best way to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!

Camping is such a great way to appreciate nature! Especially, where we were… Barely any cell reception! It really is nice to step away and be disconnected from technology and connected to Mother Earth!

While we were getting ready to get on the road… We hit a couple, actually a lot of speed bumps before we were actually on our way (potty trips, crying infant, broken rented pop-up…etc). Finally, got the car loaded with 2 dogs, two kids, and 2 adults. We were able to make the best of the situation… Thank goodness!


Luckily, the trip up to the mountains is only 3 hours! I chose to ride in the back with the babies… This way I could maybe help If they decided to not like the ride… Key word maybe! Of course a little ways into the trip Ethan began “Can I have a snack?”(repeating this 20 times-like any 2 year old). Did mommy remember to keep Ethan’s snack and juice in the car?…NO! I don’t know what I was thinking. I went out and even got the special organic lollipops he loves and only gets once in a while… Oh well! What can one do?!… Make a pitstop!




Mommy and daddy got a nice glass of wine and Ethan got to snack and frolic in the grapes! Plus, awesome fall weather! Afton Mountain Vineyards has a great slogan “grapes don’t drop in ugly places”… Man, were they right! This vineyard is picturesque… I bet it looks amazing during every season!

So, after some lunch, we were on our way again! This time, snacks in the car… Not the camper! Thanks to our previous stop the children were tuckered out!


We got to the campsite just before dark… This made setting up a bit difficult, of course hitting more speed bumps… But that’s ok! We got it done! Had a late dinner and decided just to go to bed! Fresh start tomorrow!

Lesson learned here: even with all the speed bumps before the trip…stay positive (easier said than done, for sure) and work through it! If we didn’t, this whole trip could have gone up in flames… Instead, it was one of the greatest!

If we weren’t able to stay positive, then I don’t think we would have been motivated to enjoy all the things we did and wanted to do!













Definitely, the best way to celebrate being together for 12 years, our 5 year wedding anniversary, and pass on the appreciation of nature to our children!

Till next time! Thanks for reading! Hope you are enjoying reading… Still finding my groove! Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you reading what I have to say!

Side note on cloth hiney: Unfortunately, while camping I don’t cloth diaper… We have tried multiple times before this… Disposable, flip and grovia compostable inserts (not good for overnight), full on cloth; It just never worked out… The diapers wine up getting too funky… Or I run out. So, we buy disposables… Ugh! it hurts me to write that….

*Here is the vineyard info for anyone interested…Afton Mountain Brewery-http://www.aftonmountainvineyards.com

**these statements are mine.

History Posts Complete… Well at least from my old blog…


So, I was sitting here thinking “Where do I begin? What do I talk about?” Well, that’s what this blog is all about; I can talk about anything I want!

Today was a very busy day! I am actually not even sure how I got everything done?! Sometimes, I surprise myself and hubby!

Tomorrow or I should say today is my 5 year wedding anniversary! Wow! 5 Years already?! To celebrate, we taking our little family (2 kids and 2 dogs) camping! We’re g camping this weekend in the mountains… Yup, the mountains! It’s going to be cold! Yeah, we are kind of crazy! It will be all good though, there are hot showers and we have a pop-up with heat! Phew! Plus, this is what my husband and I love to do!

Ok, so back to the story… So since we are going camping, that means that we have to pack…and by we, I mean me…In order to start that process, that means I have to start the laundry…or I should say finish it. You know because I started it yesterday, but then got distracted by something else, like a dog stealing my two year olds snack or toys…just a regular day! So, I get the laundry going again, start to make breakfast, serve breakfast, feed my nursling and manage to feed myself too! So far so good!

As the wash is cycling, I decide to clean our (hubby and mine) bedroom and bathroom(insert scary theme song)…it’s two of three places that my husband and I have been ignoring, the other is the guest room…just because it’s so easy to stuff other stuff in both rooms when you are cleaning for company, because no one goes in there…Well, I was thinking this will be great both kids will be distracted with their toys and mommy can clean…Ha! Yeah, what was I thinking?

First, my son doesn’t want to do anything but watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at the moment. And my Daughter just wants to be held. So I decide, wrap baby on my back, and Ethan & mommy will go to “School”. About a month ago, I began homeschooling 2 year old Pre-K. I’ll get into that in a later blog post.

So, we go to school and he is much happier reviewing squares, the color green, number 3, and letter D. Once we were finished there, it was time for some Sesame Street. I un-wrapped baby, changed her diaper, placed her in her excersaucer and boom, they were both happy. Now, at this point I had to go back to laundry and keep that cycle going. Then finally, I can start cleaning.

AS I begin the cleaning party, I start talking myself out of it with thoughts like, “what was I thinking? OMG?! How do we live like this? Where did all this stuff come from?” Then I think of the show Hoarders and realize I must not turn into that…so I began cleaning!

Then it was both their naptimes. I was able to successfully get them to go down for a nap at the same time and in the same room! First time ever! As I walked out of the room I did a MAJOR happy dance.

They slept for an hour and a half…then Eva woke up first.

Even though I got so much home stuff taken care of today, I think that the best accomplishment of the day goes to their nap! And I personally didn’t do that much for it to happen…funny how things like that happen?!

Needless to say, I got my entire checklist completed today…honestly, a rare thing!

Now, it’s time for me to rest! Have an early morning and a fun filled weekend of camping!

Next post will be when I get back!

Enjoy the weekend!