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Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

I was able to squeeze in a maternity photo shoot with a friend of mine. I was so thankful that it worked out, and she was able to take the photos.

We went to a local state park that happens to be on the Chesapeake Bay and get some great shots of everyone!

To eliminate stress of having small children pose for pictures, I decided to select a bunch of poses that didn’t matter if the kids had it together or not. Of course we attempted posed ones too, but those were a lot harder than the ones where the kids could be kids. This strategy saved our photographer, husband and myself from getting frustrated.

Here are a few shots:

Happy New Year!…Yup! 2 Weeks Late!

Happy New Year!…Yup! 2 Weeks Late!

Happy 2016!!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while…I have been super busy! Between School, Holidays, and just fun family time, I haven’t had much time to actually sit in front of the computer to blog. I know you may be thinking “Well why not just use the WordPress app?” Well, I do, only for uploading pics (Since they are right on my phone). However typing on there is kind of annoying… Sometimes it is just really nice to sit at a computer and have time to type… I mean I did have to Pass typing class in High School with the annoying beeping software… I might as well use my skills…HAHA!

So far 2016 looks bright and many things are in store for my little family!

Hope the year is treating you alright so far! One of my Resolutions was to make sure You’ll be seeing more from me, I promise!


Till Next Time!

Stomach Bug!


Yuck! I hate this! 😷😰😞

I have basically been sleeping all day… Thank goodness the hubs was able to take the kids out! It felt like I actually had a sick day! I am so appreciative of him for doing that…. 

The things that stinks the most about stomach bugs are the fact that you can’t really do anything except roll with it. I was able to eat some saltines, drink unfixed ginger ale, drink water and my nursing support tea. That’s pretty much all I ate and drank when I woke up from my many naps. I won’t go into details of what the stomach bug caused me to do, but I’m sure most of you can feel my pain! 

When my hubby and kids got home… He brought me soup and some cookies(for some odd Eason I wanted cookies… And I was able to keep them down) We then got the kids to bed and now … He’s got it 😔Poor hubby! 

On a side not, thank goodness for dōTERRA’s Digest-Zen and Peppermint essential oils. They are helping us out a bunch! 

Till Next Time! 

*Image found through Google search

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwanza!… And Whatever Else is Celebrated! And a Happy New Year!


I think I have my bases covered! Haha!

Taking my Christmas break! Be back after the New year!

I may post a snippet it here or there! Depends on if I have time during this vacation home!

I hope you all enjoy time with your loved ones during this time of year!

Till next time!

Whirlwind Thanksgiving Week!


Thank”sick”giving…Yup! That’s what our Thanksgiving was. I had two sick babies and one sick hubby.

It all began Monday morning. My husband went off to work with a tickle in his throat, nothing major. Then my son woke up with a 102.7 fever… This was the first time his fever ever got above 100. This is also the first time I have ever had to deal with something like this… so I did what I always did if he had a fever…gave him some Tylenol. Then I called my husband…I think I may have panicked a bit. I had him come home…I called the doctor and they just told me to watch it for 24hours and if it didn’t go away then to come in tomorrow… So that’s what we did! Luckily, it went away…My poor baby was so lethargic and feeling yucky… I never saw him like that before… It pulled on my heartstrings…

During the day my husband began to sneeze, cough, and say his throat hurt worse…Oh Boy! When we went to bed, he was feeling yucky, but not too yucky…He woke up and he was terrible, his throat was swollen. About two months ago, he had uvulitis, swollen uvula {hanging thing in back of throat}, that he went to the ER. His throat looked like that again, but not on the scary scale of how it was the last time. I told him to stay home. He insisted on going to work. At 11:30am he walked back in the door! Now, I have two sick boys in the house…Ethan was a bit better, no fever, but runny nose and a hacking cough and still very lethargic. Homeschool Pre-K took a break this week.

We were invited to go to Thanksgiving dinner over at our very good friends’ house. I texted them our status, because we were making the stuffing and another side, I didn’t want to just ditch them. This way they were prepared if we called on Wednesday night to say we weren’t coming. As Tuesday progressed, the boys were sick and Mommy and Eva were fine!

Wednesday, hubby stays home, Ethan is a little perkier-nowhere near 100%, but definitely better, Eva and mommy, still ok! We have a normal sick day, watch some TV, play some games, nap, mommy tries to get some stuff done, key word, try. As a family, since no one has a fever anymore, we make the executive decision to go to dinner.

I’m so glad that we did! We had an amazing time with our friends’ family. Our son calls one of our friend’s parents Grammy and Gruffy! They are Ethan’s extended grandparents and he loves it! And we know that they love him. Our family is far away, so we only go to them for Christmas time, so it was lovely to be surrounded by them.

We arrived home a little late, but the kiddies were sleeping and we managed to transfer both of them to bed without waking them…First time ever! At 3:30AM Eva awakes screaming her head off. I get her, and she’s burning up. I take her little temperature and Whoa! It’s 103.5…I get my hubby up and have him run a luke-warm bath, while I try to nurse her to calm her down… HAHA! Yeah right, she was so uncomfortable, she couldn’t stop to eat. So, at 3:40AM, we got her in the bath and she started to calm. As soon as she was calm enough to not choke, we gave her some Tylenol. I began pouring water down her back and over her shoulders while she played and splashed. I think we had her in there for 30-40 minutes. When we took her out, she was still warm, but not burning up. I retook her temp and it was at 101, I was so relieved. We got a diaper on her, and crawled into bed and I nursed her to sleep. When she woke up, she was happy and warm. Her fever was riding at 100; she had a runny runny nose, and now a hacking cough. I didn’t call the doctor this time, because of what they said when I called for Ethan. I watched it and by dinner time her fever was gone.

Happy Than”sick”giving! Having two sick babies and one sick hubby doesn’t help me get anything done. For the past week our house looked like a bomb exploded laundry, toys, and dishes everywhere… HAHA! I have finally begun to catch up, that even includes this blog.

Somehow we managed to decorate for Christmas over the weekend…It’s kind of a big deal for me…Ethan and hubby are much better, Eva just still has a runny nose. And I’m finally starting to clean up our house…Catching up feels nice.

I am the only one that didn’t get sick. Fingers crossed that it’s not lingering and going to hit me hard…

Till Next time!

IMG_1620.JPG all of us at Thanksgiving dinner!

Breweries and Babes


I love craft brew!

Sometimes it’s funny when I think about me saying that! When I first began drinking alcohol, it was always fruity liquor drinks… At the time I always thought beer was gross… Boy oh boy have times changed. Craft beer is AMAZING!!!!! When we do go out now, I always pick a craft beer.

Another cool thing is that craft brew is almost like wine nowadays…There are many different varieties, styles, and you can pair with the perfect dish!

Rewind a few years…Before children were even in the picture for us, like still dating, the hubs and myself were faithful attendees of a brewery in NY. I always noticed the family atmosphere… The head brewer always brought his kids and so did many other attendees! I always thought that was so cool.

Fast forward a few years… We now are married on our honeymoon in Europe and we find a bunch of breweries! Breweries, where we live were few and far between because of strict alcohol laws…Technically we have no bars, because they all need to serve food, all pubs. So, for breweries that are just trying to start, now they have to worry about serving food for people to drink their beer…it was kinda crazy! We missed hanging out in the atmosphere!

Fast forward a few more years…Thank goodness some lawmaker woke up and decided to change the laws that breweries could serve pints without serving food. Now, breweries by us are popping up like hot cakes and it’s amazing! They too are all kid friendly and have a family atmosphere!

Now, we that we have kids, we are the ones bringing them with us. We don’t feel awkward, get stared at, or have people talking under their breath about us…(had that happen when we went to an outdoor concert and it was 8:00pm and my hubs and myself got a drink in the bar at the bar across from the concert).

When our family goes to different places, say on a family trip or a work trip we are all able to go on, we look for breweries and your the town that way. Along with zoos, aquariums, and parks… It’s amazing how things have changed 🙂 In a excellent way of course!

Breweries are a really nice place for all of us to hang and almost feel like mommy and daddy went out!

One of the breweries by us as a play area inside( has a picnic table, chalk board, coloring supplies and a few toys) and whenever that have an event … There is always a bounce house!

I have come to the conclusion that many Brewers opened their business, not only to enjoy quality beer and get away from corporate beer, but to have a place to hang out with their family. Especially, since kids in a bar have a stigma. I can’t thank them enough for giving us a place to hang too!

My husband and I have only run into one brewery (Southern Florida) that was kid friendly, but had a lot of rules… And felt not kid friendly when they were shoving us out the door… (Said last call for us at 5:30pm- cool ordered our last round, closed our tab, were finishing drinks and the bartender/manager came up to us three times to tell us about 6pm…the last time my husband had a sip left… We were like really?! We read the signs, listened to your last call, and we’re finishing up…super frustrating-especially since the kids were acting like angels, playing with other people there, and I swear not even making peeps…I feel like if they were being cranky and whiny and crying than the constant reminders would be ok… But they weren’t and we were doing what we were supposed too…) Here is a picture of the actual “Children’s Policy”

IMG_1516.JPG The part that is blocked by flash says “Minors are allowed in the brewery taproom until 6 PM. After 6PM you must be 21 and up to be in the taproom. No exceptions. This includes infants, babies, children and teens.” Their rules confuse me too, because they seem so strict and then they have humor as the last rule… That’s why I felt kid friendly/not friendly… I am also trying to figure out if it is their states alcohol laws that make them do that or if it’s their own policy, about the 6PM curfew.

Make sure you check state alcohol laws regarding minors… In Seattle, WA, there were restaurant looking establishments where minors couldn’t go… We had to call every place we went to before hand to check…Every state is different!

*These are my opinions. I am not affiliated with any brewery. I condone responsible drinking and most importantly with your children (no drinking and driving…etc). Make sure you double check laws near you.