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Beautiful Day in November…Botanical Gardens (YES!)


Today was a glorious day in November(Nov. 12-was typing this up last night and fell asleep)…Luckily, we were able to take advantage of it! We went to our Botanical Gardens! I was pleasantly surprised to see so much in bloom. The gardens do holiday lights that you can drive thru… It was rather funny looking at the Christmas lights going up… Just because it is so warm! I’m definitely looking forward to going back when its a little closer to Christmas to enjoy those lights….

Today another SAHM came with me… It was so nice to have adult conversation too! Her daughter is only 2 months old….So tiny, only 9 pounds or so… My children were 10.3 and 10.7 at birth… I have no idea what a 9 pound baby looks like on the outside! HA! HA! HA! Nonetheless, she is adorable. I look forward to more play dates with her and her momma! It was so nice, we packed a lunch and just caught up!

It’s amazing how life can get in the way of somethings like that…we used to see each other weekly, then at least twice a month, then once…now it’s like pulling teeth. I know that our family has had a busy past year. We really haven’t been “home”(I put home in quotes, because it stands for the house we live in…but we are home if we are all together and we have been) a lot… Since a project my husband is working on has been delayed a bit, he has been sent on some work trips. Since I’m home…We get to go with him. I have to say it’s a blessing to get to travel with our little family. We get to see fun things together, and I get to see how much I can sightsee and tour a city we are in with two babies. The most recent (August) work trip we went on was to Seattle. I did many things that i never thought I would do by myself, let alone with two kids (ferries,buses,and trams Oh My!) Thank God for Babywearing!  If it weren’t for my Ergobaby, I don’t think I would have been able to do as much as I did!

Back to the Botanical Gardens… My son loved the flowers and mostly the Children’s Garden. The children’s garden was so cool. In it there was a coloring, painting, building area and a small farm town play area! He could barely sit still to eat lunch. He just wanted to play!

As the weather man said last night “The beginning of the end.” It was 70 Degrees today…will be 10-20 degrees colder…Brrr….


IMG_1263.JPG (Top)Collage of our day! Beautiful roses, the children’s garden -Kid crafts, selling “fresh” fruit, building and constructing flowers for mommy! Over all Great Day! (Bottom) Rebozo Carry with my Didymos indio Sole Occidente!