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National Holiday, Sleeping(or lack of sleep), and Aquarium


So, since it is Veteran’s Day (Thank you for your and your family’s sacrifices, without them, my family would not have the freedoms we do!), my husband had off…which is awesome! I love when he is home on random days, just to hang out and enjoy seeing the kids a little differently…So we decided on going to the Aquarium. 

My son loves the aquarium, especially the turtles and sharks. I think that our aquarium is pretty nice! It’s actually geared to the habitats around our area!  When we normally go, it would be on a weekend when it is slam packed. So, we decided to go when it opened today. Ha! That didn’t happen…Mommy and Daddy set the alarm for 8 instead of 7! Ooops! It was actually nice to sleep in a bit…Especially when you have an 8 month old, that doesn’t sleep through the night who is now lying next to you… that wasn’t the plan!

Our beautiful bouncing baby girl was “supposed” to already be in her crib for nighttime (Right now, she only naps in her crib). However, that’s not the case… just like anything in parenting, its not how you wanted/thought it to be. My son and daughter share room (His is a pirate theme-hers is mermaid and sea creatures I LOVE THEIR THEMES). She has very random sleep cycles. She goes to bed around 10-10:30pm, sometimes she’ll sleep for 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2 hours at a time… it’s never consistent. It’s a little; I’m not sure how to say it… Frustrating. I’m not frustrated at her… more at the fact that I do not sleep well. I miss sleeping, I love sleeping. Our son was the complete opposite. He started sleeping through the night the 2nd week he was born…This whole not sleeping thing is new to us.  This whole sleeping in the same room/bed (at some points…easier to nurse).

I never thought that I would be a mom with a baby sleeping in my husband and my bed. That’s not ever what we expected to do. Our son was in our bedroom for 3 months. He always slept in the pack n play next to the bed. So for our daughter we thought the same thing… out in 3 months…Well our little girl is still in the pack n play next to our bed…that is until she awakes in the middle of the night then she’s with me. I think it happened because I couldn’t keep my eyes open to feed her…We are still adjusting to this concept.  We never thought that we would have babies in the bed… our bed to us has always been a “sacred” place…only for us, no food, etc. Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s amazing what changes when you have kids! You think one thing and then you have to modify that thought, because you learn that what you once thought isn’t going to work for your family.

Well, once we all got up and out of bed it was time to get ready to go to the aquarium! It was so nice having the hubby home today! It was nice to attack the “getting ready” part with a team mate!

The aquarium has a visiting exhibit of Mr. Potato Head….It was really cute! When we got there, I wrapped little miss in a Little Frog size 4 in a Poppins Hip Carry…it just wasn’t jiving, so I changed it to a rebozo. Being that it was a size 4.. it was a little long… but I made due! I was able to feed her and have her nap peacefully! I love how much sleepydust is on wraps. 

When we got home, we all took a nice nap! Then it was time to have Organic mushroom quesadillas (whole wheat organic tortilla, organic baby portabella mushrooms, and taco seasoning) with a organic mexican spiced veggie medley. Let me talk about that medley… it had sweet potatoes, corn, onions, and peppers. the medley was amazing! The whole dish was Delish! Of course I forgot to snap a photo!

Here are some photos from our day!


Collage of our day!


This was a very fun activity filled exhibit for kids!


Stomping Puddles on the Nature walk to the second building.


Super long tail, but making the rebozo work