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Not Forgotton


Hello my wonderful readers! 

I have not forgotten about you! I have just been super busy! I’m even starting a new project! Will reveal soon! 

Here are a few shots of what we’ve been up too! From nursing my cranky toddler (ahh! She’s going to be 1 in 7 days!!), enjoying hockey, snow/sand Angels and enjoying winter snow and of course Frozen! 

Till next time! 😄

Winter Wonderland…Winter Carnival



We don’t get much snow where we are so we have to travel to see it! Well, that’s what we are doing… We Traveled to upstate NY!

This is the first time we have experienced Lake George in the winter. We always come here in the summer to boat, swim, and cliff jump!

This is completely a mind blower…there is no boating, there is however driving on the lake…. And that’s what we did!!!!😃




After we drove on it, we went to explore the happenings!

My husband was on the hunt to go skating on the lake. We brought our skates and all! From the shore we saw a single person ice skating in the distance. We grabbed our skates and walked out!

Talk about getting back to the roots of skating! It was AMAZING!




We had a blast our first day!

Now it’s time to experience day two!

Till next time!