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Being Sick and A SAHM


I have to be completely honest…It’s pretty terrible…No, really terrible!

First of all, being sick in general stinks! Now, add having happy hyper kids, that only want to play, totally makes it worse. Lastly, the sick you (who only wants to curl up in a ball), has to be responsible, functional and care for those children=the worst! Please don’t be mistaken, I LOVE MY KIDS! I love them more than life itself, but when I’m sick, I want to be the one to curl up on the couch, watch tv and nap. I don’t want to be the responsible one and have to clean, feed, change and wipe hineys…

This is the first time I have been this sick in 2 and 1/2 years. It was a really a hard challenge to face. I knew I had my babies to care for, laundry to do, clean, spend time with my dad…etc. Instead of just relaxing, I began to google “ways to get better faster”. Turns out there really isn’t much… Haha! Then I started to get agitated and depressed. I felt like I was failing at being a mom and wife. I kept apologizing to my husband, saying “I’m sorry I can’t take Ethan potty, do laundry, take care of the dogs…etc”. He kept looking at me like I was crazy! He also reassured me… “It’s ok, I know what it feels like to be sick, rest, I’m here I got everything”. Thankfully, with his help, I was able to rest, but still be slightly functional.

I also have to say my son must have known I wasn’t feeling well, because on the first day of my sickness, he was on his best behavior! He let me rest on the couch and he played with his toys all day. On the second day of my sickness, my husband was so sweet and took the kids and Popop to the aquarium. A treat for all! They had fun exploring and I had fun resting in quiet!

I am so thankful that this happened on a weekend where my husband had a three day weekend and my dad was in town visiting (extra hands).

Luckily, whatever sickness I had only took me out for two days… Two long days! It has made me see that being sick stinks and it’s even stinkier when you have kids! But now, I am a little more prepared for next time. I can’t really say I’m totally prepared, because each sickness is different. I now know I need to accept being sick and work thru it! Maybe, Just maybe I can get lucky enough to get sick when my hubby is home. If not, we will work around it! This sickness has also helped me, in some odd way, see that this journey of being a Stay at Home Mom was the right one for me!

Till next time!

Deciding to Become a SAHM


In August 2011, my life changed forever. I found out I was going to be a mom, holy moly, a MOM!  At the time, it was the beginning of my fifth year teaching. I loved my job, but I knew in my heart that I really wanted to be a SAHM, t wanted this even before I got married. At first, I thought maybe I was being selfish, I mean how could I put all the financial stress on my husband?! But then I realized that I would be able to see my child’s firsts…smiles, giggles, teeth, steps…etc.

Then the I thought of family watching them so I could work, I mean daycare is expensive. Unfortunately, our family is 8 hours away. That would mean I would have to give my barely 3 month, nursing, cloth diapered baby to complete strangers to watch/raise.

So, on January 27, 2012; I told my boss that I wasn’t returning for the following school year.  As ecstatic as I was, I still had those feelings of “OMG! What are you doing? You’re a classroom teacher; do you know how hard that is to get back?” “What are you going to do all day? There is only so much vacuuming and cleaning you can do?!” Then duh?! “You are doing the cloth diapers, so there will be plenty of laundry to do…LOL” “Feeding baby every 2-3 hours”

I think that this is just the normal “Wow! You just made a BIG decision!”

I’m am so thankful that we are able to have this option, and are able to make this happen. I know there are many families out there that do not have this choice and would want it.

*I have the utmost respect those Moms who have had to go back to work!