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Organic Vegetable Lasagna


Here is my recipe!

Ingredients: (I try my hardest to get organic everything, but sometimes the budget that week changes things)

1-box of Lasagna Noodles (I usually by organic whole wheat)

1-qt size container of sauce (I make my own, using organic tomatoes, and store in quart size Tupperware)

1- Organic White Onion

¼ lb of Organic Portobello Mushrooms

3-Organic Yellow Squash (depending on size-they were a little tiny this time around)

1-Bag of Organic baby Spinach

1-Bag of Organic Mozzarella Cheese

1-Container of Organic Ricotta Cheese


Begin by boiling 4-6qts of water. I salt and oil mine (flavor and helps with the noodles not sticking). While water is heating up to a boil begin cutting your veggies. I julienne the onions, cut the squash in little disks, and use a mandolin for the mushrooms. I don’t do anything to the baby spinach.

Once all veggies are cut I sauté the veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper(I sometimes add garlic and basil). I sauté the harder of the veggies first, that way by the end all are soft.  Mushrooms, to get water out, then squash, then add onions. At the very end I add the spinach to the pan.

Squash, mushrooms, onion, spinach. also my sauce newly defrosted and warmed up

Squash, mushrooms, onion, spinach. also my sauce newly defrosted and warmed up

The water should be boiling now. I add the lasagna noodles and follow the instructions on the noodles package. Usually about 9-10 minutes. Once the noodles are done, I strain and rinse with cold water (so I can manipulate noodles to pan-otherwise they are too hot (I think that it also helps then not stick together). Pre-heat oven to 350.

Roaring Boil of Noodles

Roaring Boil of Noodles

Lightly Sauced Pan

Lightly Sauced Pan

Then I grab my pan and begin the process of layering. First I place a thin layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan. Then lay out the noodles, a little more sauce, veggies, ricotta, mozzarella, sauce, noodles. I repeat this until I run out of ingredients or room in my pan. Making sure to always put mozzarella on the top, that way it melts nicely and then browns a bit.

Once that’s all done, I place in the oven with foil so the mozzarella on top doesn’t burn. I bake it for 30 minutes. I usually do this a few hours before my husband gets home from work. Then when he gets home and it’s time for dinner, we just have to heat it up. During the last 10 minutes of heating up I remove foil to brown the cheese.

Mozarella Topped Lasagna

Mozarella Topped Lasagna

Nice Layerage

Nice Layers!

Yet again! It came out fantastic! I hope if you decide to make, it turns out just perfect for you too!