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Weight Loss Rut


I have been sticking to working out, changing it up a little, a previous knee injury has made it a little tough for me to do hip hop abs… I have to take it out and reincorporate slowly, to see if that what is causing the knee pain.
I also, changed it up a bit so that way my body doesn’t get too used to it… But my scale moved up 5pounds and will NOT move…..

I have been under calories or close to everyday except Saturday and Sundays. I am working out everyday, drinking plenty of water and eating my protein. I’m kinda at a loss. I’m hoping that I can figure this out, because I got really really happy when I bought shorts that were 3, yes 3 dress sizes smaller!

I finally feel better about the way I look and feel about myself! It feels like I have my mojo/sexy/happy back! (Not that I wasn’t happy before… It’s just a different happy, a happy to be me again!)

I’m not going to give up! I can’t I need to be healthy and look healthy!  I do still see a change from last month to this month, even if scale doesn’t show it! 

Here are up to date progress photos with dates: (I forgot inches…next time!)

Update(5/29/15): since last post April 22, I have lost 0 pounds. Inches lost: arms 0, legs 0, waist .5

I am happy about the half inch in the waist, but frustrated at no loss anywhere else. 





Till next time!

Exercise Progress


So, I am happy to report that since January 12, 2015, I am still going strong on my workout regimen and monitoring my calorie intake.

Since January 12th, I have been using the myfitnesspal app. This app is great for multiple things. It helps track your calories with a awesome database (or you can add your own if you can’t find the info), great way to track your exercise, water intake, weight. I love it!

In February, I got a FitBit Charge HR. I quickly fell in love and became obsessed with meeting my step goal daily! Plus, if your friends have one, you can “compete” with them! I also really like how it tracks my sleep. 
Here are my progress photos:

Each picture has three photos. 

Picture 1-January 26

Picture 2-March 9

Picture 3-April 11

I think the back picture shows most progress. Followed by face photo. 


Total pounds lost: 22.5

Inches lost: arms 1 , waist 2.5 , legs 1.5 . 

 I’m gonna keep on going! Will update later on! 

Till next time!

*I am not associated with Fitbit or myfitnesspal! I just love their apps!