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Thank God for 2 Year-Olds!


This past weekend was a busy one!

My husband’s car has been acting up, so on Saturday, he and a friend decided to take it apart and put it together again! Typical engineers! This weekend was also the weekend I selected to have a neighborhood party. I am a consultant for Thirty-One…well at least trying to be one(just trying to contribute a little financial help…not working out so great)…I’m having a tough time having customers, other than my friends and family. So, I decided to have a Porch Party. Not only hoping to get new customers, but to meet some different people in my neighborhood.


I was ready and determined. My husband is a God send he helped me hand deliver 245 invitations to neighbors mailboxes. I also hung them around the neighborhood on telephone poles.

So friday night, I got my last-minute items: Balloons, light snacks-carrots, broccoli, ranch, and brownies.

I had a wonderful set up (in the pic above)…I had my iPad set up(for easy shopping/checkout-if anyone wanted to purchase) it was playing music, tables all set up. One had the bags the other  had food. I was out there ready to go! My daughter wrapped in a Storchenwiege, size 5, poppin’s hip carry, and my son ready to play. 12 noon rolled around…not a neighbor sight…

We waited and waited and waited…around 1:45pm in my head i knew no one was coming… I was sad! I felt like a failure. I was really down on myself and then my son, who’s dancing to the music and eating the brownies, looks up at me and says “Mommy, dis pawty is great!” I say back “Good, I’m glad you think so! I love you!” He again looks at me and says “I love you toooooooo!”(he carries the oo’s in too!). Meanwhile, my head was thinking its me, him and music waiting for people to show up, no one ever did…However, my heart was exploding with love.

Thank God for 2 Year Olds!


Poppin’s Hip Carry-(Borrowed Wrap from BWI of HR Chapter)


Lunch time for baby girl…still waiting for guests


Enjoying the Party!