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Ha Ha Ha! Snookie and JWoww Made me Laugh Out Loud for Real!


Ha Ha Ha! I’m sitting here watching Snookie & JWoww’s final season and I’m laughing out Loud!

They are both pregnant this season and the stuff they are talking about…it’s hysterical!

Thinking back to when Jersey Shore first aired and they were crazy “drunks” to now being Mom’s…I love it! Mostly, because I feel like it shows how life works… you are a college party person, then have a job, get married, and then babies….everyone might do this a different way, but I think you know what I mean…

Sometimes they say exactly what I was thinking… Haha! JWoww said something about a hemorrhoids…I almost peed my pants…. hahaha!

Gonna go finish my laundry cycle, watch the rest and hit the hay!

We had a really fun day today!! Will write about tomorrow!

Till Next Time!